IS Starter Kit
The IS Starter Kit
There's a problem in the Infusionsoft ecosystem - too many users never got the foundation that they need to really use Infusionsoft.
This isn't a system, this isn't a silver bullet - this is a course designed to answer 40 questions about using Infusionsoft. Whether you're just starting with Infusionsoft, or just starting to take it seriously, this course will give you the foundation you need to begin using Infusionsoft confidently, and effectively.

Still got questions eh?
Lemme tell you about the course format:

There are 5 sections - each with about 8 videos. The videos jump around a bit, but each video is focused on answering one specific question, or highlighting one new feature. You can download all 40 questions here, but here are a few to give you a taste of what this course will be focused on:
What is My Day? | How do I import my contacts? | What do I need to know before I set up my tags? | How do I add and manage users? | Why did my open rates drop, or my spam complaints spike?  | How do I edit images? | When do I use a custom field? | How does cold email throttling work? | What other CRM settings do I need to know about?
The IS Starter Kit is 40 short modules designed to help Infusionsoft users understand the software at a new level. We'll highlight features you may not have known existed, and answer questions you didn't know you had. This course is basically like sitting down with me and working through 40 questions that stump Infusionsoft users every day. Enjoy.